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About Us

Katie Dawes, has owned Kitchen Kaboodle since 1987. She goes out of her way to have ever changing inventory that is chic, trendy, seasonal and wonderfully uncommon.

“If I wouldn’t buy it myself, then I don’t make it available to my customers,” Dawes says. “One of the greatest compliments we receive is when a customer says, ‘This store always seems new and different!’ Hearing that makes it all worth it.”

So, what is “it”? “It” is the friendly, professional staff and their knowledge about every item in the store that makes the customer service experience special. That, paired with Dawes keen sense of style and her effort to stay fully engaged in the ongoing, prospective merchandise hunt makes Kitchen Kaboodle a treasured part of our quintessential college town, State College.

Kitchen Kaboodle is for the culinary curious and the consummate, creative gift giver.  Kitchen Kaboodle is so much more than a kitchen store – it is Kaboodle style!

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Huntingdon Farm

Farm to Table, Responsibly

For more than 30 years, Katie Dawes, owner of Kitchen Kaboodle drives 26 miles each way to and from her home in Alexandria, PA to the Beaver Avenue business.

Home for Katie is 300+ acres of pristine farmland originally established by her husband, John in 1970 alongside his brother, Donald and renowned Penn State professor and livestock expert, Herman R. Purdy.

Today, Huntingdon Farm is an American Angus Association member that is home to a registered herd of 50 head with 36 brood cows. Additionally, Huntingdon Farm was a recipient of an Environmental Stewardship Award in 2016 presented to farmers and ranchers who demonstrate a commitment to protecting the farm and ranch land in their care.

John’s background in farming, sustainability and conservation, paired with Katie’s keen understanding of high quality culinary tools, equipment and techniques creates a wonderful opportunity to “eat well”!

For more information about Huntingdon Farm or to purchase the high quality beef produced there, visit:

About: About Us
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